About Us

Over the last 20 years of trading Ryan has developed the services it offers to its customers so we are able to help, whatever the circumstances.

Not all of our customers however realise how much we are able to offer and so, understandably utilise only some of our services

The Canter Club is our way of helping all our customers with their vehicle needs – but with a unique twist. It has been designed to allow our customers to be more forward thinking while taking the pain out of running vehicles. Each business has a DUTY OF CARE to make sure each of its vehicles are safe to use. Being part of the Canter Club gives you that. It gives each of our members – no matter how big or small – access to all of the services we offer and to take advantage of trade prices or discounts wherever possible. The time and worry associated with running cars and vans is the same whether you have 1 or 21 but the more you have, the more opportunity you have to save money, by taking advantage of our industry knowledge and buying power.

The more time you spend worrying about your vehicles, the less time you can spend making your business successful. We also realise that with the time and money you save you will have more time to enjoy yourselves or develop your business, which is where the twist comes in!