The recreation part of the Canter Club is the part that sets us apart from everyone else. With our access to the venues we have relationships we thought it would be a shame to waste it. We will be hosting exclusive events throughout the year with our host Carole looking after them. Being part of the Canter Club gives you access to these exclusive events.

The events are designed so that we can give something back to our members you can interact more with us and the like minded business' that we deal with. We encourage you to bring your guests along to a Canter Club event to see what it is all about.

With the relationships we have built, we also have the ability to help you promote yourselves more. Whether you want to Sponsor a race or a football match/club, we can help you facilitate that. We also get involved in lots of charitable events throughout the year aiding lots of local charities that we hold dear to our hearts.