Covid 19

To all our valued members. We will be doing all we can to keep our employees, customers and families safe. We will be following the advice of local public health authorities and putting measures in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

In times of hardship, there are still opportunities and we will be making every effort to support our members. To this end, we intend to operate uninterrupted until normality resumes. All our staff can work from home or mobile if required and can be contacted by telephone or email. I would suggest in the first instance, you email so we may respond most efficiently.
The world and our business will carry on and there will be plenty of opportunities:

• To undertake urgent maintenance work
• To complete refurbishments whilst buildings are empty
• Complete upgrades with minimal disruption
• Obtain new business from competitors who have ceased to trade
• Show the benefit of your services in a crisis
• Restructure to improve your efficiency
• Recruit new staff who may now find themselves out of work

The Ryan Canter Club will continue to be available to assist all its customers as normal even if your own administration staff are forced to self-isolate. Please ensure your staff continue to forward on their defect sheets which are monitored daily and still to contact us if we can assist in any way. The main numbers if you require the Ryan Canter Club partners are as follows:

• Accidents: 01243 545 021
• Breakdown: 03445 733 111
• Glass: 01273 468 422
• Recovery: 01322 621 430
• Sales: 01403 711 370
• Enquiries: 01403 711 370
• Hire Vehicles: 01403 711 370
• Mechanical Repairs: 03445 733 111

Considering this outbreak and to ensure we only carry out essential work, we will now only action work that is sent to us with a defect sheet with photographic evidence and the current vehicle mileage through the Ryan Canter Club App. If drivers have questions, they can contact us. This measure has been brought in to ensure that we give YOU complete transparency in what and why we are doing any given work.