As you can see from the infographic, business and individuals have benefits that overlap but may have very different needs. This means as a member of the Canter Club, there are some features that you may find are more pertinent to you. What we guarantee you as a member of the Canter Club is that the benefits are the same throughout. Whether you are a business that runs 100 vehicles or just an individual just trying to look after one, the services we offer are exactly the same.


We help our customers because we care about them. We treat them as if they were our own and there isn't anything we can't help you with.


Our overall aim is to save you money. Whether that is on purchasing vehicles, maintaining them or just offering good advice, we can help you save money right down the line.


We will host events throughout the year that will allow you to enjoy yourself. Also with our connections and partners, if you want to organise your own event, the Canter Club can help you.