Looking After Our Partners

It’s been the best part of 9 months now since the country locked down at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. Business’ have adjusted their methods and adapted to suit their needs. Some have found it harder than others. our thoughts go out to all of those in the hospitality industry who seem to have been affected most.

However, at the Canter Club, things have been busy. We are fortunate enough that with our customer base, our relationship with South East Coast Ambulance service and our close relationships with our partners, things have kept busy. We are glad to welcome Southern Energy Solutions to the Canter Club. Our Sales Manager James has known Zac for a few years now and he was keen to work alongside us as he expands his Energy business with the opening of the Honest Hub, a bathroom showroom in Battle, East Sussex.

One of the partners that were affected most were Crawley Town FC. It’s often hard to relate to a football team like a business when you see the money spent on players and wages but just like a business, football clubs have the same fundamental problems that most business’ experience one time or another. Whether it is cash flow, HR, Sales or anything else, football clubs can suffer just like any other business.

We saw this as an opportunity to support the club through this difficult time. We have had our partnership with the club for the best part of 6 years. In that time, we’ve helped countless staff and players and generated new business through sponsors like Peter FrakeStructured Communications LtdFASTSIGNS Crawley and Intercleanse Ltd. As a business, we feed off the success of the club. We know that our supporting them allows them to do their jobs on the pitch and when they win, we win. It gives us that extra stride on a Monday and we feel the urge to replicate the success.

With January around the corner and Brexit looming, the message of looking after our partners and our customers has never been stronger. It’s imperative that we all look out for one another during this turbulent time and hopefully come out stronger and wiser the other side.


A Charitable Summer

It’s been a different last few months following the Covid 19 pandemic. Whilst some of our members have been closed, we have spent time keeping key workers on the road and aiding the NHS with the transportation of vehicles from various ambulance stations in the south east to the make ready centre in Banstead in order to deal with the initial outbreak in London.

Things seem to be going in the right direction but it has never been more important to ensure you are on top of your fleet. We have now helped our members facilitate payment breaks on over 50 vehicles. We’ve dealt with all the major leasing companies on behalf of our members allowing them to focus on their business and getting through this crises. We have helped review fleets and cost savings and now more than ever, it is imperative that your drivers are fully educated about driving responsibly.

On a positive note, we have seen the Canter Club grow with the arrival of TA Boxall and Howarth Air Technology. We have been working closely with Andrew and Frank to supply new vehicles and help them manage their current fleet.

Our Canter Club partners Strong Flavours Catering started an initiative in lock down to provide meals to front line NHS workers.

Inspired by their efforts, we’ve decided to get involved. Not only are we donating £225 which is the equivalent to a weeks worth of meals but we are delighted to announce we are running a campaign through June, July and August 2020.

Any vehicle order placed with the #FoodForHeroes in the months of June, July and August will result in an additional £50 being donated.

If there are any other companies that want to get involved in this great idea and implement something in their own work place or you’d like to just made a donation, then please click here or get in contact with us on 01403 711 370.

The Canter Club Expands

Here at The Ryan Canter Club, we are always trying to improve our customer service, providing the latest information that can help give the best solutions for your business or personal motoring needs.

The motor trade has been changing rapidly over the last 5-10 years and the Covid-19 pandemic has only highlighted further, the need to seek the right advise in regards to vehicles. With this in mind we have taken on a new member of staff.

Michael Haydon has joined our team as the Retail Sales Manager.

A bold step in the current circumstances but one we feel necessary in these ever changing times.

Initially we planned it as part of our continued growth. However, in this uncertain period, we feel fortunate that we can use Michael to help guide our customers through the various options available to them right now.

Moving forward, we can focus on the initial introduction of alternative fuel vehicles that have started to be manufactured, the effect that this will have on the industry and the use of transport in the future.

Using his over thirty years main dealer sales experience, Michael will be able to discuss your requirements, qualify the right product and essential specification. He can source a vehicle, offer a suitable purchase plan or finance package, introduce you to and set up membership to our exclusive Ryan Canter Club.

Our main objectives have always been to find a way that gives you the peace of mind that all your motoring needs are being looked after in the right way, which then enables you to have more time to concentrate on the priorities within your business or personal life.

We wish him all the very best in this challenging new role.

Please do not hesitate contacting him to discuss anything he can advise on regarding your motoring requirements, problems or general information at michael@ryancanterclub.com

Welcome to 2019

2019 for the Canter Club has started with a Bang. Firstly we’d like to take the time to Welcome Louie Derham who has joined us. We met Louie through our relationship with Crawley Town and he has settled in very quickly. He will be taking the role of Membership Manager so as members or prospective members of the Canter Club, you should be seeing a lot of him.

After a strong start to the year, the Canter club has almost doubled in size since last summer and we are up to 300 members. The relationships with our partners have grown stronger as the club has taken on new members. We have taken up a new parternship with Surecam meaning we are now able to assist with installing dashcams to vehicles.

We would like to thank Adam at Close Motor Finance for introducing us to Dom and Total Environmental Compliance. We’ve since worked closely with Dom, Mark and the team to assist them in anyway we can to help them run and manage their fleet better and more effeciently.

Most recently, we welcomed West Sussex Timber. We have worked alongside David for the last 4 years and after joining the Canter Club, they are taking advantage of all of the services availible.We have helped David with his vehicles on an ad hoc basis for a number of years now but he was unaware of everything we were capable of doing for him. The Canter Club was the perfect way to demonstrate everything we are capable of doing to help him run his fleet and we are delighted to have them as members.

Gary and his team at Installation squad have now signed up. Gary wants to be more forward thinking with his fleet and wants to work with us in order to try and lower his downtime and decrease costs. He sees the maintenance package as a huge benefit. The ability to spread the cost of “running” vehicles helps prepare him throughout the year and budget easier.

We are looking forward on the Events side to the Canter Club Race Day and having our resident jockey Dave Crosse with us. We have over 30 members and guests booked on what promises to be a fantastic day. Please remember we have the Crawley Vs Mansfield match on the 12th March and in May we will be hosting the Pan Disability Tournament for the second year running.

Thank you for all of your continued support and we look forward to working with all of our partners and members throughout 2019.