Looking After Our Partners

It’s been the best part of 9 months now since the country locked down at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. Business’ have adjusted their methods and adapted to suit their needs. Some have found it harder than others. our thoughts go out to all of those in the hospitality industry who seem to have been affected most.

However, at the Canter Club, things have been busy. We are fortunate enough that with our customer base, our relationship with South East Coast Ambulance service and our close relationships with our partners, things have kept busy. We are glad to welcome Southern Energy Solutions to the Canter Club. Our Sales Manager James has known Zac for a few years now and he was keen to work alongside us as he expands his Energy business with the opening of the Honest Hub, a bathroom showroom in Battle, East Sussex.

One of the partners that were affected most were Crawley Town FC. It’s often hard to relate to a football team like a business when you see the money spent on players and wages but just like a business, football clubs have the same fundamental problems that most business’ experience one time or another. Whether it is cash flow, HR, Sales or anything else, football clubs can suffer just like any other business.

We saw this as an opportunity to support the club through this difficult time. We have had our partnership with the club for the best part of 6 years. In that time, we’ve helped countless staff and players and generated new business through sponsors like Peter FrakeStructured Communications LtdFASTSIGNS Crawley and Intercleanse Ltd. As a business, we feed off the success of the club. We know that our supporting them allows them to do their jobs on the pitch and when they win, we win. It gives us that extra stride on a Monday and we feel the urge to replicate the success.

With January around the corner and Brexit looming, the message of looking after our partners and our customers has never been stronger. It’s imperative that we all look out for one another during this turbulent time and hopefully come out stronger and wiser the other side.


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