Welcome to 2019

2019 for the Canter Club has started with a Bang. Firstly we’d like to take the time to Welcome Louie Derham who has joined us. We met Louie through our relationship with Crawley Town and he has settled in very quickly. He will be taking the role of Membership Manager so as members or prospective members of the Canter Club, you should be seeing a lot of him.

After a strong start to the year, the Canter club has almost doubled in size since last summer and we are up to 300 members. The relationships with our partners have grown stronger as the club has taken on new members. We have taken up a new parternship with Surecam meaning we are now able to assist with installing dashcams to vehicles.

We would like to thank Adam at Close Motor Finance for introducing us to Dom and Total Environmental Compliance. We’ve since worked closely with Dom, Mark and the team to assist them in anyway we can to help them run and manage their fleet better and more effeciently.

Most recently, we welcomed West Sussex Timber. We have worked alongside David for the last 4 years and after joining the Canter Club, they are taking advantage of all of the services availible.We have helped David with his vehicles on an ad hoc basis for a number of years now but he was unaware of everything we were capable of doing for him. The Canter Club was the perfect way to demonstrate everything we are capable of doing to help him run his fleet and we are delighted to have them as members.

Gary and his team at Installation squad have now signed up. Gary wants to be more forward thinking with his fleet and wants to work with us in order to try and lower his downtime and decrease costs. He sees the maintenance package as a huge benefit. The ability to spread the cost of “running” vehicles helps prepare him throughout the year and budget easier.

We are looking forward on the Events side to the Canter Club Race Day and having our resident jockey Dave Crosse with us. We have over 30 members and guests booked on what promises to be a fantastic day. Please remember we have the Crawley Vs Mansfield match on the 12th March and in May we will be hosting the Pan Disability Tournament for the second year running.

Thank you for all of your continued support and we look forward to working with all of our partners and members throughout 2019.

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